• SSI Open Water Instructor briefing his OWD students before confined water training
  • SSI Wreck Specialty Instructor teaching a dive of the Wreck Specialty Course
  • SSI Divemaster Instructor teaching supervision in open water to Divemaster candidates
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor training Master Divers on using underwater Scooters
  • SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor teaching confined water to SSI Open Water Diver Students

Scheduled courses and costs overview

Month 2014RRIDCS-ITCIESpIXover
February10-1112-2324-2527-28just ask!
March12-1314-2526-2729-31just ask!
April10-1112-2324-2527-29just ask!
May12-1314-2526-2729-31just ask!
June11-1213-2425-2628-30just ask!
July10-1112-2324-2527-29just ask!
August12-1314-2526-2729-31just ask!
September11-1213-2425-2628-30just ask!
October12-1314-2526-2729-31just ask!
November11-1213-2425-2628-30just ask!
December04-0506-1718-1921-23just ask!
RRI = Respond Right Instructor
DCS-ITC = Combination of Preparation, Dive Control Specialist and Instructor Training Course
IE = Instructor Examination
SpI = Specialty Instructor Seminars
Xover = Professional Crossover for Instructors from other agencies

Professional Courses & PackagesPrice
ITC Minimal (Preparation, DCS, ITC) 38.000 THB
ITC Basic (RRI, Preparation, DCS, ITC) 50.000 THB
ITC Ultimate (RRI, Preparation, DCS, ITC, 5 specialties) 65.000 THB
Professional SSI Crossover (including materials) 25.000 THB
Divemaster 35.000 THB
Dive Control Specialist 18.000 THB
Instructor Training Course (ITC only, without Dive Control Specialist) 27.000 THB
Respond Right Instructor 13.000 THB
Respond Right Student Level 8.000 THB
Specialty Instructor (pro specialty) 6.000 THB
5 Specialty Instructor Ratings 20.000 THB
Dive Control Specialist Instructor 21.500 THB
SSI Instructor Kit


All courses (exept Professional Crossover) do not include SSI materials and fees. When comparing offers from other providers, make sure you calculate the total including materials and fees, an initially lower course price can sometimes work out more expensive once all has been added up!

Professional Materials/KitsPrice
Divemaster 7.000 THB
Dive Control Specialist 7.000 THB
Instructor Training Course Kit 12.000 THB
Respond Right Instructor (incl. certification & 2 years membership) 9.000 THB
Specialty Instructor Outline (pro specialty) 1.000 THB
Dive Control Specialist Instructor 10.000 THB
Professional SSI Crossover (included in course price) included
Materials and fees are subject to change depending on SSI.
SSI Application and Membership feesPrice
One-time SSI registration fee (your first SSI pro rating) 3.000 THB
Divemaster included
Dive Control Specialist included
Instructor Examination 16.000 THB
Respond Right Instructor 2 years membership included
Respond Right Instructor Application fee included
Specialty Instructor (pro specialty)
Dive Control Specialist Instructor included
Professional SSI Crossover included