• SSI Instructor Trainer Sacha Bernasconi, teaching Instructor Training Courses for Dive Professionals
  • SSI Instructor Trainer Sacha Bernasconi ready for a Cave Dive inside a Swiss Mountain

Your Instructor Trainer: Sacha Bernasconi

Sacha is a Multilingual Manager with years of experience working around the world, across every area of the diving industry: from guiding and teaching courses to retail sales and full management of diving centres.

He is the Instructor Training Course director and will be your mentor, working on your Knowledge and Skills development.
Having worked with the most successful dive businesses worldwide, he will be more than happy to share details during the ITC on how to market yourself to land the perfect dive job!

He speaks fluently Italian, German, Spanish, English, conversational French and basic Indonesian. Feel free to ask him questions in any of these languages during your course!

Passionate about technical diving, he dives in sidemount configuration and is certified as Advanced Trimix and Full Cave Diver.

"If you love diving there is nothing more rewarding than sharing this passion with others. Don't keep working a job you don't like when you could be diving every day... contact me now and let's plan your dive career!"

SSI Instructor Trainer with Platinum Recognition
In addition to all basic courses he holds following Specialty Instructor Trainer ratings:

Respond Right Instructor Trainer for:

  • Apply First Aid
  • Apply Advanced First Aid
  • Apply Advanced Resuscitation Technique
  • Basic Oxygen Administration
  • Perform CPR
  • Provide Basic Emergency Life Support
  • Provide First Aid in a Remote Situation