• SSI Open Water Instructor briefing his OWD students before confined water training
  • SSI Wreck Specialty Instructor teaching a dive of the Wreck Specialty Course
  • SSI Divemaster Instructor teaching supervision in open water to Divemaster candidates
  • SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor training Master Divers on using underwater Scooters
  • SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor teaching confined water to SSI Open Water Diver Students

SSI Continuing Education Programs

"If you have decided that diving is a sport you want to really immerse yourself in, then it is time for you to discover SSI's Continuing Education program."

Enrolling in a specialty course is a great way to hone your skills and learn some new ones. Continuing Education is exciting and limitless. Choose your personal combination of training and diving experience to reach your diving goals today! Each Specialty Program will provide you certain benefits and gets you one step closer to your Ultimate Dive Experience. Our goal is to prepare you for the adventure that lies ahead, as well as make sure you have a good time doing it! With SSI, you only need to take the Specialty Programs that are of interest to you. You'll be confident and comfortable so you can dive independently of your SSI Instructor, and really enjoy yourself. Each of our Specialty Programs is based on our Diver Diamond methodology, which focuses on the proper knowledge, skills, equipment, and experience required to help you become a proficient diver. Taking a specific number of SSI Specialties and continuing your pursuit of dives, allows you to earn higher levels of diver ratings. SSI's ratings are the only ratings in the industry that combine training and experience requirements, proving that SSI ratings are truly earned.

It is up to you to decide how far you want to go. And the best part is recognition at SSI is free! Complete your Specialty Programs with the applicable SSI Specialty certification card and receive the SSI Recognition Ratings: Specialty Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Diver - free. SSIĀ“s certifications are recognized worldwide so your diving experiences will be limitless.

The fun doesn't need to stop here! With just a little more training, you can go even further and become a Dive Professional. Imagine sharing your love of diving with others! Check out all of the exciting Dive Professional programs in which you can be involved. It's your chance to move to the next level in your diving adventures. SSI will be a reliable buddy accompanying you on your way.

SSI Specialty Diver

Specialty Diver (Level 2)

After having completed 2 Specialty programs and logged a minimum of 12 dives, you will receive the Specialty Diver rating.

SSI Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver (Level 3)

After having completed 4 Specialty programs and logged a minimum of 24 dives, you will receive the Advanced Open Water Diver rating. This is probably the most respected Advanced certification in the diving industry. While with some training agencies a diver can be "Advanced" with as little as 9 total dives, this is the real deal!

SSI Master Diver

Master Diver (Level 4)

After having completed 5 Specialty programs (including Stress & Rescue) and logged a minimum of 50 dives, you will receive the Specialty Diver rating. The highest non professional, recreational dive certification, the black belt of diving!

Recognition doesn't end here with SSI. Even as a Master Diver you will be continuously rewarded for your actual experience, a good reason to always log your dives! Instructors experience is recognized on how many students they have thought.

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